The Perfect Storm: Anxiety,

Autism, ADHD, & Sensory Processing

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Special Message From Dr. Tony

Parents, we hear you & feel you.

This year with remote learning 👨‍💻, stress coming at your family from all directions, and the general ‘extra on extra’ levels of chaos and stress… Many of our kids are struggling.

Focus is not there. Emotions are through the roof. Outbursts of frustration and anger are the norm. Meanwhile sleep eludes them, which we all know ends up impacting your sleep on one end of the night or the other.

...And really you just miss seeing them being happy, joyful, relaxed, and more easy-going.

Maybe these things were there in some ways for your child before 2020 and all the restrictions came around, but now it’s really gotten worse and seems to be heading in the wrong direction 😬.

If this sounds like your child and your family, then be sure to join us for our next Perfect Storm Workshop! You want answers and explanations for WHY your child is struggling so much, and we’ve got them.

More importantly, you need real life Action Steps and support to get your child more relaxed, smiling 😊 more, focusing better, and sleeping easier. We’ve got those too!

The Perfect Storm Workshop has been the catalyst for now thousands of Crystal Lake and McHenry County families to finally get OUT of the constant cycle of stress and struggle with their child.

We not only provide an incredible presentation full of all the science and all the answers you are seeking, but we make it a crazy enjoyable and interactive experience as well with appetizers and plenty of time to ask the doctors YOUR questions, and get real answers.

Who Should Attend The Perfect Storm

Parents who have children who have received a diagnosis, such as ASD, ADHD, SPD

Parents who are worried about their child's growth, development, mood, focus, sleep, eating, overall wellness and performance at home and school

Family members who help care for children who are struggling

Is There Hope? We Think So!

Henry is an awesome, baseball loving young man who like SO many other kiddos during these stressful times was having a hard time regulating his emotions.

His parents started noticing it for over a year, but the build up of stress in 2020 (e-learning, lack of in person social connection, and less active outlets) overwhelmed him to the point where he was triggered more easily, angry outbursts became more frequent, and it took him a lot longer to cool down.

Think of a water bottle that’s already ¾ of the way full. don’t worry it’s not another math equation you have to help your kids solve] When you keep pouring more into an already full bottle.. eventually it will overfill and become too much for the water bottle to handle.

Keep pouring outside stress into an already stressed nervous system in our kiddos and it will become too much for them to handle just the same, and they kids will have a much harder time adapting to even small stressors, inconveniences, and changes in their life.

At first, Henry's neurological scans showed that his body had a lot of built up stress in his nervous system... which made him "overflow" with emotions, and be much less adaptable when things didn't go his way. But, after absolutely knocking his commitment to the care plan OUT OF THE PARK. His scans showed his body was able to "pour out" a lot of the stress, self-regulate, and adapt to life so much better.

Now, Mom reports a big improvement in his ability to handle emotional stress, and improvement in focus and concentration as well. She says family life is better and Henry overall has a better mood, being less negative and unhappy. GO HENRY! We could not be more proud of this guy.

Rocking Remote Learning

“In the Spring of 2020, right as Covid shut down the world, Noah was diagnosed

with ADHD. This diagnosis came after a couple of years of observations, meetings with teachers and support from the Special Education department at his school. When we decided to have Noah tested, my husband and I felt defeated. We are both educators and could not help our son feel comfortable, confident and successful.

Noah began having horrible, heart-breaking outbursts and the end of the

school day because he was mentally exhausted. His anxiety amped up and he would cry and become inconsolable over homework assignments and anything school related (if it had to be done at home). You can imagine our excitement when we were told the schools were going to be shutting down and the kids would be involved in E-learning that Spring. To say that E-learning was disastrous and did not work for Noah is an understatement. His outbursts and negativity towards himself became more frequent. I knew something had to be done sooner rather than later and I was hesitant to start him on medication. That is what lead us to PWC.

I watched the Perfect Storm seminar and was confident that chiropractic

care was something that I wanted for Noah. I was willing to try anything to help get our happy boy back. Noah began care with the awesome docs 3 times a week and we started noticing small positive changes. As the weeks went on, I could see Noah coming back. He was happier, confident and beginning to positively talk about the new school year (3rd grade).

Noah has been getting adjusted for 6 months now and I can hands down say

that this was the BEST decision we could have made for our son. We are well into this crazy school year (which has had many changes) and Noah is LOVING it (even with wearing a mask). He works so hard at school, is more confident and has a positive attitude towards his school work and himself! We are so thankful for the doctors and staff at PWC. We are thankful for making us feel like family. You have helped to put that great smile back on Noah’s face. We are forever grateful.”

-Many Blessings!

Michelle and Dan Price

🎵Let’s see how far we’ve come🎵

We’re throwing it back to this time, last year, when we were celebrating one of miss Hailey’s first big wins because she was actually able to try a bite of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. This may sound small to some, but this strong girl struggled with sensory challenges that caused her to have high anxiety, major food aversions, and not feel comfortable in tight/textured clothing.

At that time, Hailey’s mom wrote “We are so proud of Hailey, and can’t wait for what is next for her. I feel like these baby steps are just the beginning. Thank you PWC for everything you do for families”.

FAST FORWARD: one year of continued neurological chiropractic care, and wouldn’t you know it, mom was absolutely right!!! ( as moms always are ) was JUST THE BEGINNING of many big wins to come.

Because Hailey’s neurological patterns were taking off in the right direction , we knew it would be amazing to watch her progress and her story unfold. Can you believe this beautiful girl was able to wear her first pair of JEANS since she was 3 or 4 years old!? Mom also says her anxiety has improved tremendously, and courageous Hailey has continued trying (and loving) new foods like corn on the cobb and even eggs!

You see, before chiropractic care Hailey’s nervous system was so wound up on the inside that it made it extremely difficult for her body to accept new tastes, textures, and tactile sensations from the outside. Continued chiropractic has helped calm her anxious brain , to the point where introducing new things are no longer perceived as a “threat” or “system overload” to her body.

When the nervous system is stuck, our kids become stuck. Stuck with anxiety, sensory processing disorders, depression, constant sickness and so many more struggles that they shouldn’t have to suffer with. This is what we call the perfect storm.

If you would like to learn more about the “root cause” of why your kids may be struggling, please join us on November 5th. We’re here to be a beacon of light in these crazy times and give you the actual answers you need to help your child thrive.

So, what are you waiting for?

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