The Perfect Storm: Anxiety,

Autism, ADHD, & Sensory Processing

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Special Message From Dr. Tony

We get it parents - you’re exhausted. 😩

You’ve checked genetics 🧬. Removed gluten 🍞. Tried rewards charts 📉, then discipline and punishment.

You’ve been encouraged and seen some progress, but then seen the past year really create even more stress and tension, and make things worse. 😞

Sensory Processing, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and all “Perfect Storm 🌪️” challenges kids are going through today are happening at an unheard of rate.

And, so are your options for how to help.

You get on a Facebook Support Group or talk to other moms and dads, and you get excited by the wealth of information out there… but also feel immediately overwhelmed. 😬

Making diet changes makes sense on paper, but it’s nearly impossible when you’ve got a “Raging Bull” kiddo 😤 who is so stuck in fight-or-flight all they want is more carbs, more sugar, and more video games.

It’s constant meltdowns, tantrums, battles over homework 📚, impossible bed times, and endless behavioral and emotional regulation challenges.

There has to be a way to “calm the storm 🌪️” and help find that path to optimal potential, more smiles, more communication, more health, and more happiness!

There is a path! 🗺️

We’ve been guiding parents and other professionals to this path for 13 years. Helping them sort through all the various diagnoses, medical options, natural solutions, and more.

It starts first with finding out exactly what triggered and created “The Perfect Storm 🌪️” in the first place, and you’ll be blown away by what those things really are, and how early and often they show up in 90% or more of the case histories of kids we get to care for!

Just 20 minutes into The Perfect Storm Workshop your jaw will be on the floor 😲 as you start to find the exact answers you’ve been searching and scrolling for all along!

Register right away so you can save your spot, and get your Hope, Answers, Help from Dr. Tony Ebel and the PWC Care Team. Light appetizers 🍇 and drinks 🍷 are provided, as its plenty of time for Q & A following the presentation so that you can be sure to go home with knowing exactly what the best path forward is for your family!

Who Should Attend The Perfect Storm

Parents who have children who have received a diagnosis, such as ASD, ADHD, SPD

Parents who are worried about their child's growth, development, mood, focus, sleep, eating, overall wellness and performance at home and school

Family members who help care for children who are struggling

Is There Hope? We Think So!

Meet Princess Ashlyn. Ashlyn’s story and family are nothing short of amazing.

Ashlyn started having seizures one very stressful day - after catching a flu that gave her a high fever. She had 3 seizures in 24 hours which prompted the medical doctors at the hospital to diagnose her with epilepsy and put her on medication straight away.

Mom said something didn’t feel right in her gut. Her intuition was telling her that the diagnosis wasn’t accurate and she said the side effects of the medication were interfering with Ashlyn’s bubbly, full of life personality. Her parents just knew they needed to explore other options for their baby girl!

They sought out care from an awesome neurologist at Rush University who ran some specific tests (that came up negative) and agreed with them- the diagnosis was wrong and the medication was not the only option. That’s when their neurologist recommended PWC- he knew of the success stories that came out of PWC and the science based work Dr. Tony and crew were practicing.

Enter PWC Mom said this whole experience totally changed her perspective of health and healing in a natural way. She said the care not only helped Ashlyn’s body get out of the stress that it was in, but also introduced them to the right resources and connections that are important for raising healthy kids . She said that it has given them the power to not live in fear and still live their lives- knowing the strength of their body’s ability to adapt.

Though it wasn’t an easy road and Ashlyn’s body had to detox a lot of the built up this beautiful little princess is absolutely thriving. She hasn’t had a seizure since APRIL 2019 and she’s been able to kick the sick. She's full of life, smiles, giggles, and the most amazing blonde curls.

The whole family gets adjusted and says they are just so thankful for finding their “tribe” and their “people” who are all so like - minded. Mom said she is forever grateful for PWC not only because it helps them stay healthier but she says that everyone is always so positive, supportive, and uplifting even in the toughest of times.

Meet Brooklyn

The storm of stress that was stuck in Brooklyn’s nervous system created a constant whirlwind of emotional meltdowns, sensory processing challenges, behavioral tantrums, seizures, and constant sickness.

Brooklyn was having such a hard time regulating her emotions that mom said they could barely leave the house because something as simple as going into a store triggered a massive meltdown.

In addition to that, Brooklyn was getting sick ALL the time. They were at the pediatrician about every two weeks for recurring infections that seemed to never stop. Mom said it got so bad that the front desk would automatically schedule her out for more appointments because they knew she would be back with another infection. The antibiotics, the ear tubes , and the tonsillectomy only helped temporarily before they would find themselves stuck in the sick again.

Brooklyn’s mom (being the strong and amazing superstar that she is) sought out answers at PWC because she wanted more for her daughter than constant sick visits that only put a band-aid over her struggles.

Mom said at first she was hesitant and skeptical because she didn’t fully understand what pediatric chiropractic was and if it would help. But after talking to Dr. Tony and learning about the Perfect Storm , Brooklyn’s mom said she had so much hope and knew she was in the right place!

Fast forward to now this beautiful chiro kid is absolutely crushing life! She is able to regulate her emotions so much better (they can even go shopping at the Toy store ) Brooklyn is rarely ever sick and has kicked the recurring infections. She’s gone YEARS in-between having a seizure. She has improved focus and concentration in school and is adapting to change easier. Wooohoo! Best of all, Mom describes Brooklyn as Happier.

We are so proud of these huge leaps that Brooklyn has made. To see her continue to reach her full potential is absolutely amazing! She's full of life, full of creativity, and full of smiles.

Meet Damon

The end of last school year and summer hasn’t been easy on our kids emotions. If you joined us this week for the Back to School Summit you heard from experts throughout our community on how we can help our children adapt, stay strong and thrive!

As we get closer to the start of school (whether it be e-learning or in-person) we thought we would share this story of Damon. To not only encourage but so our community knows how we can help!

When we met Damon this past year he was struggling emotionally with anxiety. Not an easy thing to recognize and handle as an 8 year old.

Damon Struggling to express his emotions had them coming out as anger. He was becoming aggressive, refusing to go to school and things were progressively getting worse and worse for Damon and his family. It got so bad that he was starting to have self harming thoughts and actions.

He had already been through a behavioral program and Damon’s mom felt in this moment everything she would do was making his anxiety and aggression worse. Mom was Worried what school would look like next year and how he would adapt as he got older.

This is when they found PWC and It was the first time Natia, Damon’s mom felt heard and hopeful. Our Care Advocate Team listened and took our time with her and Damon. There was no judgment, she felt understood and finally had some answers as to why Damon was struggling.... and even better, there was a SOLUTION!

A few months into care with us at PWC, Natia noticed that Damon was no longer physically aggressive, was no longer self harming or breaking things. She saw that he had the ability to communicate effectively, and he would tell his mom when he was starting to feel overwhelmed.

Their life became much C A L M E R Mom’s anxiety went way down knowing she didn’t have to worry as much about her kiddo and things have been overall better for Damon and his family.

They still can have difficult days like we all do, but Damon now has the tools to communicate with his mom, and the ability to calm his nervous system from the care he has received here at PWC. We are so excited to have the opportunity to watch this guy continue to be ale to better adapt at life.

So, so needed in this season with the unknown ahead!

So, what are you waiting for?

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