Raising Healthy Kids Naturally

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Join World Health Experts, Drs. Tony Ebel And Matt Hill For An Eye Opening, Transformative, & Practical Workshop

When: Thu, Sept 23rd @ 12pm

Where: PWC Chiropractic

615 Dakota St, Ste C

Crystal Lake, IL 60012

Dear Parents,

Constant rounds of congestion, cough, and colds do not have to be a part of your child’s life anymore… nor do rounds and rounds antibiotics 💊 and inhalers.

While it may seem common in today’s world for kids to suffer from chronic gut and immune challenges, allergies, asthma, and more… it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’ve seen all the medical specialists, and even tried all the diets 🥖🥛, detoxes, and supplements… then our Raising Healthy Kids Naturally workshop is for you!

You’ll learn and receive:

-The Top 3️⃣ Approaches to Health used today, and how to choose what direction is best for your family

-What steps to take right away in the beginning months and years 🗓 to ensure that your baby 👶🏼 and young kids grow healthy, strong immune systems

-How this nerdy, awesome thing called The Vagus Nerve 🧠 is the # Missing Link in getting kids with Chronic Gut 🤢 and Immune 🤒 issues better

-Tons of Q & A ❓ time with our Doctors and Nurse Practitioners

-A take home Gift Basket 🧺 full of natural, healthy goodies

This workshop will be offered Live, In-Person at our new beautiful PWC Chiropractic location in Crystal Lake! Plenty of seating and spacing will be available, as well as some light appetizers 🥕 and refreshments 🍵!

No More Colic For Carter

A few weeks after birth, cute baby Carter 👶 started getting very fussy. He was spitting up excessively, crying 😫 for long periods at a time , not sleeping well💤, and generally looked ❌uncomfortable❌. It progressively got worse each and every week, and his amazing mama sought out more answers for her little one.

Carter’s parents had very specific goals in mind when coming to PWC. They wrote down they wanted to 1. ✅Figure out the source of discomfort. 2. ✅Relieve it. 3. ✅Know ways to prevent it moving forward.

That is like music 🎶 to our ears because we like to say that D.C (Doctor of Chiropractic) really stands for Doctor of CAUSE. Our goal is to get to the very source of the problems you and your babies are facing.

Emotional stress during pregnancy 🤰 and physical stress during labor (whether vaginal, manually pulled out, c-section, forceps, vacuum, cord wrapped, and everything in-between) play a big role in the delicate developing nervous system of a baby. Our scans 📊 show exactly where and how much of that stress is brewing in their nervous system 🧠. Then, our doctors come up with a very specific action plan to de-stress their nervous system and allow them to make more calm and healthy neurological connections. ✨

For Carter, gentle and calming input into his nervous system made all the difference in the world 🌎 for his little body. Carter’s mom says her little boy is now much more relaxed: crying less, spitting up less, and sleeping a whole lot better. 🙏 Yayy for Carter! 🙌 This cutie is full of snuggles and smiles 🤗... and he's well on his way to crushing life and absolutely thriving 🌱

So, what are you waiting for?

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