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What We'll Cover in our Workshop...

  • How to help your child thrive this school year, despite all of the back-to-school unknowns

  • The science + neurology behind your child’s struggles - from emotional regulation and behavioral challenges, to focus and concentration issues, and more

  • How to get your HOPE back, your questions ANSWERED, and what ACTION STEPS you can do to help your kiddo thrive this school year + beyond!

This offer includes an Initial Consultation, Exam with Nervous System Scans + Doctor's Report of Findings for ONLY $49!

About Family First Chiropractic of Verona

We are a unique chiropractic practice focusing on Pediatrics, Prenatal, and Family Wellness Care!

Now more than ever, parents are looking for other options for their family to improve and maintain their health. We are here to be a resource for those families and for our community. Dr. Jill Mork is the only prenatal and pediatric certified chiropractor in Verona. We also serve the Fitchburg, Oregon, Mount Horeb, Middleton, and West Madison area.

We focus on family care and strive to empower families to take control of their health and well being! Our office is family friendly and our goal is to create a culture of community and support.

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